Window Cleaning in Surrey

Hot Water Window Cleaning in Surrey

New hot water window cleaning in Surrey

Our all new hot water cleaning system is now in use. Using warm water through our water fed pole system allows us to now provide an even better clean.

Making sure the temperature is just right is essential especially in the winters months to ensure there is no damage to your glass.

Warm water window cleaning in Surrey

We are fully established as one of the premier providers on Window cleaning in Surrey. Our professional team use the very latest equipment including warm water pole fed cleaning systems. This helps us ensure a perfect clean every time.

We already serve a large client base of both residential and commercial window cleaning customers

Window Cleaning in Surrey

Thermo Pure Reach Window Cleaning System

Surrey and the South East generally suffer from from hard water. This can be damaging to surfaces so we use the Thermo Pure Reach and Wash system which uses 100% pure de-ionised water. The water is also heated in order to provide a better clean. This allows the windows to dry quickly with a great end result.

Other systems remove only dissolved solids from the water supply, uniquely this system removes both dissolved solids and all organics as well as bacteria from the water supply.

Commercial Window Cleaning Surrey

Retail premises, offices, schools, universities, hospitals and lots more. Whatever your commercial window cleaning requirements Faultless have the expertise

  • Water Fed Poles
  • Hot water cleaning
  • 75ft High Reach poles
  • Frequencies to suit
  • Inside cleaning available
  • Commercial & Residential
  • No Contract
  • All sills included
  • All doors included
  • Phone/text evening before

We have full Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance. Adhering to strict health and safety procedures at all times ensures the safety of our customers and staff.

Whatever your Window Cleaning requirements call us now for a



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